New Orleans Office

Open and ready for business.

In spring 2011, All Axis expanded their US operations to the 3rd largest film center in America. New Orleans, Louisiana has quickly become a leading film production center with government tax incentives winning over film & television producers. All Axis satisfies the state’s unique tax credit requirements and is very proud to offer your production, local tax credits on equipment (30%) and technicians (35%).

Whether you need to smooth out those driving shots through the French Quarter, mount to a golf cart for quick tracking shots, or the usual unusual technocrane shots, we have what you need, a Scorpio Stabilized Head, available locally, in trucks and ready to roll.

Our Louisianan technicians, Mike Kennedy, Jeremiah Fry, and Jeff Taylor, are on their game and ready to serve. Friendly and professional to the core, we are very pleased to offer these local techs to our most valued possession, our customers.

With a facility located in Kenner, our customized trucks, and local technicians, it’s never been easier to order a remote head from All Axis. Please contact us and let us know how we can be of service to you.