Oculus Remote Head Camera Mount

The new Oculus stabilized camera gimbal from SpaceCam easily transcends the capabilities of competing systems, and presents new and unique aesthetic opportunities for directors and directors of photography in the motion picture industry.

The Oculus gimbal head revolutionizes the operational envelope of such devices as it is basically free of movement and control restrictions. Faster, smoother, lighter, stronger, quieter and able to look in any direction from any position, Oculus is poised to change the creative concept of the cinematographer and director.



Download the full features and specifications for the Oculus.
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Oculus System Features

  • Extremely powerful direct drive motors.
  • Unique architecture eliminates “gimbal lock” in any mounting position which can eliminate the need for the “levelling head” on cranes, significantly reducing weight.
  • Excellent stability permitting long focal length lenses to be used.
  • No lag, bounce or overshoot in control movements even at maximum speeds and with instantaneous removal of maximum control inputs.
  • Excellent vertical maintenance even under strong vehicle acceleration forces.
  • Can be mounted in any position: top, bottom or cantilevered and operate as these positions are transitioned.
  • Sealed construction withstands inclement weather.
  • Special Oculus wedge plate system interfacing with Mitchell
    mount for quick effortless attachment of gimbal head.
  • Built-in winch system extends main yoke arm length by up to
    6 inches ito accommodate extra-long camera/lens packages.
  • Fiber optic pathway permits unhindered maneuverability and
    highest quality video data transmission.
  • Optional air suspension Iso Damper unit…fully adjustable
    and operational in all mounting positions.
  • Optional fully protected environmental enclosure with
    advance-design rain spinner.
  • Zero drift.

System Specifications

  • System Type: 4-Axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized gimbal
  • Gimbal Weight: 50 lbs (22.6 kgs)
  • Gimbal Dimensions: L: 23.5” W: 8” H: 28.5”
  • Temperature: -30° to 45°C (-20° to 110°F)
  • Pan, Tilt and Roll Limit: 360° Continuous
  • Pan and Tilt Speed: 260° / sec
  • Payload: Wide variety of camera and lens configurations. 70lbs plus.

Console Modules

  • “SpaceCam Mimic”…mimicking SpaceCam operating conventions.
  • “Zedir Pan Mode” (allowing straight up or down pan movements with system
    auto leveling when horizon is about to enter frame).
  • SpaceCam Constant Polarity….maintains absolute control polarity with image
    on the screen even when camera is inverted.

Console Features

  • Built in displacement joystick on carbon fiber console.
  • No lag, bounce or overshoot with the Oculus DynaGlide wheel control unit. Selection of various wheel inertias available as well as an optional infinitely varible electronic drag system. Separate “roll” wheel control on its own table mount is provided.
  • Optional panbar or military style strain gauge hand held joystick.
  • All control systems operational simultaneously.
  • All control systems can be individually tailored for all aspects of control response, polarity, smoothing, etc.
  • Console weight: 6.5lbs (2.3 kgs)
  • Optional control inputs accepting both analogue and digital control devices.
  • Wireless operation up to 1.5 miles or 2.4 Kms. with small omni antennas and
    up to 10 miles with directional antennas with zero control lag.
  • Motion record and motion playback capability.
  • Option for remote power on/off of Oculus gimbal on cable rigs with no need to direct
    access to head.Control console magnetic capture on wheel control unit or sculpted foam “lap” mount for car, boat and aerial operation.