Scorpio Micro Head

The Micro Scorpio Head is the smallest member of our family, designed to fill a blank in the market to offer a light and compact head with a very good quality of movements and possibilities. Comparing with the other Scorpio Heads, we have simplified the mechanics (cables instead of HD slip rings) and the electronics (one main servo boards for both axes instead of one of each per axis and smaller driver boards) but without giving up the quality of movement and the payload capacities of the Scorpio products, the motors are the same that we use with the Mini Scorpio. This way we are not only able to reduce the cost and the price but also reducing the weight and dimensions. The head weights 6kg with a payload of 12kgs/27lbs with the smallest configuration or up to 25kgs/56lbs when mounting the cage and as per its modular design with the possibility to make it bigger, smaller, work over-slung, under-slung, inside position, outside position, centre position, offset position and many more….


  • Compact two axes remote head for video and film cameras
  • Independent axes connected by cable
  • The Micro Scorpio Head can be positioned in overslung and underslung mode
  • Mounts avaliable: Mitchell mount, tripod mount, a flat mount, 150mm bowl mount and mount for Jimmy Jibcrane
  • Both axes can be moved manually to balance the camera
  • Micro Scorpio Head can be controlled from up to 500 meters by cable serie RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2, 4Hz
  • All axes (Pan and Tilt, Focus, Iris and Zoom using the Scorpio Focus) are programable and repeatable
  • Programmable limits, damping and speed adjustment for all axes available
  • Four control units are available: JDR(PanBar), Joystick, Handheld and Handwheels
  • External hand commands to control lenses and head from different cranes like:JimmyJib, ABC, Felix…


  • Weight: 6kg / 13, 2lb
  • Max. payload: 12kg / 26, 45lb
  • Max. payloadwithcage: 25kg/56lb
  • Max. speed: 2, 4s/rev
  • Power from battery or power supply: from 24V to 35V
  • Connection for Scorpio Focus and other lens control systems