Covid-19 Safety Plan

All Axis Systems is committed to preventing exposures to, and reducing the transmission of, COVID-19.

The work stoppage during this pandemic has given us all in the film industry and at All Axis Systems, the time to look deep inside and rethink everything that we do. From top to bottom. Whether in our homes, office, shop, in our vehicles, or on set, safety protocols have diligently been implemented to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. The health and safety of our personnel and customers reigns supreme. Our priority is to be able to fulfil our obligations to our customers, while doing so in a safe, respectable, and professional manner.

We have the knowledge to enable filming with social distancing practices in mind. Please contact us directly to discuss these filming options. We look forward to working together to create solutions for shooting in new and innovative ways.

Covid-19 Safety Plan
Equipment Safety Plan
Vehicle Safety Plan